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An innovative early childhood program for language and literacy development.

Benchmark Early Literacy develops Kindergarten readiness and prepares students for today's rigorous academic standards.

  • 110+ big books – more than any other program – help teachers model reading and speaking skills.
  • Letter-specific alphabet books develop alphabet knowledge and phonemic awareness.
  • Explicit instructional support facilitates early childhood language and literacy development.
  • Differentiated instruction includes built-in support for struggling learners, ELs, and Special Needs students.
  • Family engagement activities throughout the program encourage a strong school-home connection.
  • 30 weeks of instruction are organized into 10 incremental units to provide ease of implementation.
  • Flexible scheduling with units organized by week and full- or half-day accommodates changing educational needs.
  • Professional development services provide customized training for educators.

"No matter how 'cute' other curriculum options were, Benchmark Early Literacy was much heartier, while also keeping the age demographic in mind. Once we looked into the actual material being taught, there was no competition."

Martha Gray,
PreK teacher, Louisville, KY

"We were impressed by the developmentally appropriate activities and the literature especially. Many of the stories we feel also have great guidance applications. The 10 themes are equally appropriate for (our PreK). We like that ideas are given for stations, centers, gross motor and fine motor all in one source."

Lead PreK Teacher,
Slinger, WI