What are Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets?

Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets provide a wealth of expertly leveled fiction and nonfiction books that build PreK skills and prepare students for Kindergarten. Sets of 8 titles include content-area books that explore one of the ten critical early learning themes below:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Investigate
  • Boxes
  • Beginnings
  • Balls
  • Buildings
  • Clothes
  • Trees
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Why are Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets important for beginning readers?

Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets are important resources that build Common Core Foundational Reading Skills:

  • Nonfiction titles introduce students to informational texts.
  • Fiction titles introduce students to different genres.
  • Teaching tips and activities in each book build vocabulary, comprehension, and print concepts.
  • Themes introduce important Kindergarten topics and provide a context around which discussion can develop and oral language can build.

How do Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets prepare students for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets helps students build 4 essential skills:

  • Explore topics.
  • Develop questions to guide exploration.
  • Find answers.
  • Build comprehension, oral language, and writing/drawing skills.

What’s inside Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets?

Each theme set consists of carefully selected sight word readers and leveled readers. Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets enrich students’ academic knowledge and increase their literacy:

  • Science titles support Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science standards.
  • Math titles teach shapes, patterns, counting, and more.
  • Social Studies titles build real-world connections to maps, citizenship, and families.
  • Fiction titles introduce children to narrative text types and genres.

What’s included in Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets?

Each book includes:

  • Engaging and effective instruction
  • Inside front cover that offers teacher prompts for reading the book with new readers
  • Inside front cover that lists vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension skills
  • Inside back cover that has comprehension, writing, and drawing activities
  • Teaching Card (included with 6-packs) that provides support for every book
  • Reading level that is listed below each book

Recommended Products

Kindergarten Readiness Theme Sets: Quick, Easy & Effective!

Pricing Information

Complete Kindergarten Readiness Solutions Set
  • 480 Books (6 copies of 80 titles)
  • 10 Theme Sets
  • 5 Display Boxes
English WS-NS0539 $1,995.20
Spanish WS-NS0541 $2,120.00

In addition to the Complete Sets, Kindergarten Readiness titles are also available in additional purchase options such as:

Single-Copy Sets
  • 1 copy of 8 titles
English   $31.92 each
Spanish   $34.00 each
6-Pack Theme Sets
  • 48 Books (6 copies of 8 titles)
  • 8 Teaching Cards (1 per title)
English   $199.52 each
Spanish   $212.00 each