There is no question that modern technology can help even the most exceptional teachers support and improve classroom lessons.

Every day, there are more and more examples of teachers using computers, interactive whiteboards, laptops, tablets, podcasts, and other tools to build on classroom instruction and customize learning to meet the needs of their students.

How are teachers using technology?

While technology may not replace the valuable experiences our students have with print books, they open doors that the print books cannot, and at the same time motivate and engage students.

How can you provide students with appropriate texts matched to their specific reading level with e-books?

Reading teachers want students to have the e-book or digital reading experience they will connect most readily to; however, they also demand the same careful consideration of developmentally appropriate criteria used to select print texts. Finding a reliable source for expertly leveled e-books is critical. Secondly, teachers or parents must find suitable programs for the specific hardware—whiteboard, laptop, tablet, etc.—that is available to them.

For instance, is a subscription-based online resource with an extensive e-library that offers easy-to-use, precisely leveled texts. Teachers and parents can direct students to specific books of appropriate reading level and topic (e.g. Science, Math, Social Studies, Fiction). Convenient access is also key— can be used on any brand of whiteboard, laptop, or desktop computer.