Genre study offers teachers a systematic approach to help students read, understand, and then replicate each genre's characteristics in their writing.The Common Core State Standards place great emphasis on genre study.

In these exercises, teachers introduce different types of literary and informational texts and features developmentally. This enables students to understand, practice, and apply strategies they are learning. Genre study turns students into authors who understand other authors.

What Is a Genre?

A genre is a class or category of literature that shares recognizable characteristics of form, content, and style. Literature is first divided into poetry and prose. Prose is then categorized as follows:

  • Fables
  • Fairy Tales
  • Pourquoi Tales
  • Trickster Tales
  • Tall Tales
  • Historical Fiction
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Biographies
  • Book Reviews
  • Persuasive Texts
  • Personal Narratives

Benefits of Genre Study

Teaching writing through genre study has many benefits. By studying one genre at a time, students have the opportunity to:

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