What is STAAR Reading Practice?

More than just test prep, the STAAR Reading Practice series for Grades 2-6 builds comprehension and vocabulary skills, helping students master the readiness and supporting standards outlined in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). STAAR enables students to:

  • Master essential test-taking skills
  • Build comprehension in all text types
  • Answer 260+ text-dependent comprehension questions

Why and how is STAAR Reading Practice different?

STAAR Reading Practice has instruction, practice, assessment, and sample tests all in one book! These resource books support comprehension, expose students to all text types, and offer high-level critical-thinking and text-dependent comprehension questions for test success.

How does STAAR Reading Practice help students?

Students taking the STAAR Assessment for Reading can use the practice passages and text-dependent questions in this book to prepare for the STAAR Reading exam. This book is appropriate for on-grade-level students.

STAAR Reading Practice provides:

  • Leveled practice with assessed genres
  • Text-dependent comprehension and vocabulary questions
  • Questions in short-answer and multiple-choice format
  • Opportunities to familiarize students with STAAR format and question stems
  • An answer key for each book so students can check their work

What does STAAR Reading assess?

STAAR Reading Practice assesses both literary and informational genres appropriate to a student’s grade level:

  • Literary
  • Fiction
  • Literary Nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Media Literacy
  • Informational
  • Expository
  • Persuasive
  • Procedural
  • Media Literacy

What are the features and benefits?

F: Instant mini-lessons for each unit.

B: Quick and efficient way for teachers to teach skills.

F: 2 sample tests included.

B: Assessment practice at your fingertips.

F: Short-answer, griddable, and multiple-choice format.

B: Students become accustomed to STAAR assessment items and test formats.

F: Graphic organizers for every unit to project on the board or reproduce for student use.

B: Support different types of learners with a variety of visual teaching tools that lead to greater comprehension and recall.

F: Research-based text-dependent comprehension questions.

B: Build strong reading comprehension skills with text-dependent and critical-thinking questions to prepare for STAAR.

F: Literary, informational, persuasive, and procedural texts.

B: Students become accustomed to STAAR assessment items and test formats.

F: Ideal for students of Grades 2-6 classroom teachers, reading specialists, resource room teachers, tutors, and parents.

B: Developed for use by both instructors and parents.

F: Can be used in mainstream classrooms, in after-school programs, and at home.

B: Use it in any setting.

F: Five 144-page books, 8 1/2" x 11".

B: Easy to reproduce; support to last all year long.

How does STAAR Reading Practice work?

STAAR Reading Practice prepares students to be successful in four simple steps:

  • Introduce text type and genres.
  • Practice reading passages.
  • Assess comprehension and vocabulary with text-dependent comprehension questions.
  • Simulate test-taking with full-length practice tests.

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