What is
Alphabet Animal Friends?

Learning the alphabet with a friendly cast of animals has never been more fun! The new and unique Alphabet Animal Friends is chock-full of playful rhymes, photos of real objects and animals, cute illustrations, and wonderful songs that help children learn effectively.

Engaging photos, illustrations, rhymes, and songs help young children learn:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Letter recognition and formation
  • Sound/symbol relationships
  • Oral language vocabulary

Alphabet Animal Friends is ideal for PreK-K classrooms, day care centers, and home.

Why is Alphabet Animal Friends essential for early childhood education?

Children’s knowledge of letter names and sounds is a strong predictor of their reading and spelling abilities. Mastering the alphabetic principle is a keystone of early literacy – a primary objective of both preschool instruction and intervention.

How does Alphabet Animal Friends support the Kindergarten Common Core Standards?

These kits were specifically developed to meet the Kindergarten Common Core Reading Standards for Foundational Skills. The standards expect kindergarteners to:

  • RF.K.1.d: Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • RF.K.3.a: Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.
  • RF.K.2.a: Recognize and produce rhyming sounds
  • RF.K.1: Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print
  • RF.K.2: Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds.

What's included in
Alphabet Animal Friends?


Each 8-page book of Alphabet Animal Friends has:

  • A special character for every letter
  • A fun letter hunt in the beginning
  • Catchy rhymes
  • Clear letters that are ideal for finger tracing
  • Opportunities to locate letters in context
  • Ideal for teaching children concepts about print
  • Vivid photographs with clear print
  • Text-to-picture matching
  • A Find-It game that reinforces letter knowledge
  • A detachable, embossed letter card for kinesthetic activities.

Tear-Off Letter Card

Each book has a tear-off letter card with embossed letters- ideal for kinesthetic activities. Students can:

  • Build a letter wall
  • Trace letters
  • Form their own words

Teaching Card

A Teaching Card provides all the instructional information needed to build foundational skills, with tips and techniques to help students:

  • Recognize and name initial letters
  • Build phonemic awareness
  • Recognize the link between initial letters and their sounds
  • Build oral language vocabulary
  • Develop concepts about print

There are also gorgeous lap books and support for both parents and teachers – providing a complete program to teach the alphabet.

Teacher/Parent Handbook

Teacher/Parent Handbook provides guidance on how to read each book. It also has fun extension activities and an overview chart of the series.

  • Organized by age
  • Reading checklist for family members
  • Literacy Milestones and Suggested Reading for each age range
  • 30 hands-on "Do at Home Alphabet Activities"

Sing-Along Audio CD

A Sing-Along Audio CD features:

  • Clear pronunciation of each letter
  • Exact words of the book set to music
  • Original music in a variety of multicultural musical styles to appeal to today’s kids

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Pricing Information

Small Book Classroom Set
  • 24 Small Books (1 per title)
  • Teaching Card
WS-NS0424     $95.00
Alphabet Begins at Home
  • Teacher/Parent Connections Handbook
    (20 copies)
WS-NS0425     $119.00
Lap Book Classroom Set
  • 24 Lap Books (1 per title)
  • Teaching Card
  • Teacher/Parent Connections Handbook
WS-NS0423     $390.00
Classroom Set
  • 144 Small Books (6 copies of 24 titles)
  • Teaching Card
  • Teacher/Parent Connections Handbook
  • Sing-Along Songs Audio CD
WS-NS0422 $671 $495 SAVE! $176
Classroom Set with Lap Books
  • 24 Lap Books (1 per title)
  • 144 Matching Small Books (6 copies of 24 titles)
  • Teaching Card
  • Teacher/Parent Connections Handbook
  • Sing-Along Songs Audio CD
WS-NS0421 $1,271 $885 SAVE! $386