What is Common Core Reading: Warm-Ups and Test Practice for Grades 3-8?

Provide meaningful practice for students who will take the new Common Core tests with Common Core Reading: Warm-Ups and Test Practice for Grades 3-8.

Newmark Learning’s new books:

  • Target comprehension skills with guided warm-up passages.
  • Build test-taking stamina with longer practice tests.
  • Prepare for PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) and Smarter Balanced Common Core Assessments.
  • Are reproducible.

What are the new Common Core assessments?

The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts have set shared, consistent, and clear objectives of what students are expected to learn. The standards are intended to be rigorous and reflect what students will need to be able to do to be college and career ready by the end of high school.

As part of this initiative, two consortia of states (PARCC and Smarter Balanced) have developed new assessments that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and are designed to measure students’ progress toward college and career readiness.

How are the new assessments different?

PARCC and Smarter Balanced are designed to be taken online and include many new types of assessment items in addition to multiple-choice questions:

  • Both short and extended constructed response questions that require written responses that include examples and details from the text.
  • Two-part questions: Part B asks students to identify text evidence supporting the answer to Part A.
  • Technology-enhanced questions: online assessments ask students to interact with and manipulate text.
  • Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts “independently and proficiently.”

What’s inside Common Core Reading: Warm-Ups and Test Practice for Grades 3-8?

Common Core Reading features 10 Warm-Ups with guided instruction:

  • Students build skills and confidence by reading short fiction and nonfiction passages and answering text-dependent questions with guided instruction.
  • Prompts with each question feature strategies to strengthen comprehension and critical thinking skills.

There are 4 Practice Tests inside each book:

  • Students build test-taking stamina with each test.
  • The longer practice tests can also be used to monitor and assess students’ progress.

There is also a perforated, tear-out answer key for teachers and parents.

How does Common Core Reading: Warm-Ups and Test Practice for Grades 3-8 work?

Common Core Reading: Warm-Ups and Practice Tests includes Warm-Up tests that are designed to provide students with an opportunity for quick, guided practice.

Test Warm-Ups
Warm-ups feature short reading passages that include examples of genres that students are required to read and will encounter on the test. The questions that follow the warm-ups include the variety of formats and questions types that students will encounter on the new assessments. They include two-part questions, constructed response (short answer) questions, and questions that replicate the technology-enhanced items.

There are also prompts with each question. These prompts provide students with tips and strategies for answering the questions.

Practice Tests
The Practice Tests feature longer passages that match the passage lengths that will be used for the PARCC and Smarter Balanced tests. These passages provide students with experience reading the longer and more complex texts they will have to read on the new assessments.

Each passage is followed by a complete set of questions that reflects the number of questions students will find with each passage on the new assessments. In addition, similar to the Warm-Ups, the Practice Tests also include the types of questions students will encounter. Every Practice Test also includes three constructed response (short answer) questions to give students practice writing about texts and using details from the text in their response.

How to use Common Core Reading: Warm-Ups and Test Practice for Grades 3-8?

The Warm-Ups are designed to be quick and easy practice for students. They can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Assign Warm-Ups for homework.
  • Use them for quick review in class.
  • Use them for targeted review of key standards.

Keep in mind the longer Practice Tests can be used to prepare students in the weeks before the assessments. They can also be used to help assess students’ reading comprehension throughout the year.

Find the answers to all the Warm-Ups and Practice Tests in the Answer Key:

  • Includes standards correlations for each question.
  • Also includes scoring rubrics and sample answers for the constructed response (short answer) questions.

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