What is Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers?

Beginning readers feel instantly successful with Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers. This award-winning collection of 48 nonfiction rebus books for PreK-1:

  • Introduces essential sight words
  • Supports Science, Math, and Social Studies content vocabulary
  • Develops concepts about print
  • Enables students to practice early reading strategies

There is helpful teacher and parent support in Spanish on both the inside front and back covers, and Teaching Cards ensure that students get the most out of every title.

What are the features and benefits Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers?

F: Four volumes – each includes Science, Math, and Social Studies.

B: Begin with the simplest words in Volume 1 and progress to more challenging words in Volume 4.

F: Books feature stunning, full-color photographs.

B: Students stay engaged and eager to learn.

F: Books are packed with bonus teacher tips, essential skills, and activities.

B: Great value for a classroom budget!

F: Vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension focus.

B: Support development of essential reading skills.

F: Introduces 49 of the most essential high-frequency words.

B: Build sight word knowledge and fluency.

F: 12-page books at $3.99.

B: Terrific value!

F: 7 5/8” x 6 1/2” trim.

B: Easy for young readers to hold.

Why is Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers essential to building early reading strategies?

The Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers collection features high-frequency words and picture cues to help children learn how to read and remember key foundational words. As beginning readers become comfortable with the repetitive sentences, they read with more fluency and confidence.

How does Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers support the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards?

The Common Core State Standards increase the amount of nonfiction reading in the primary grades, and the Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers collection is the perfect introduction to nonfiction texts!

In addition, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) expect Kindergarteners to read common high-frequency words by sight. Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers meets the Reading Standards for Literature, Informational Text, and Foundational Skills. Click on the image to see the list of standards covered.

What’s included with the books?


Spanish/Bilingual Sight Word Readers features:

  • 16 Science titles
  • 16 Math titles
  • 16 Social Studies titles
  • Teaching tips and extension activities inside each book
  • Sight Word games

Teaching Card

Each title has a Teaching Card in Spanish, which provides all the instructional information teachers need for:

  • Building background to help students make predictions
  • Before-reading activities: previewing the book and vocabulary for students
  • After-reading activities: reviewing the book and helping students respond to questions
  • “Reading the Book” tips

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Pricing Information

Content 6-Pack Sets
  • 96 Books (6 copies of 16 titles)
  • 16 Teaching Cards (1 per title)
Spanish WS-NS0310 $399.04
English WS-NS0243 $351.04
Spanish WS-NS0311 $399.04
English WS-NS0244 $351.04
Social Studies
Spanish WS-NS0312 $399.04
English WS-NS0245 $351.04
Spanish Single-Copy Set (1 copy of 16 titles)
Science WS-NL1979 $63.84
Math WS-NL1980 $63.84
Social Studies WS-NL1981 $63.84