What are Spanish/Bilingual Rising Readers Leveled Books?

How can beginning readers build literacy, language, and comprehension and meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards? Newmark Learning’s Spanish/Bilingual Rising Readers Leveled Books offer all the fiction and nonfiction resources students need to master literacy and enrich their grade-level knowledge.

Spanish/Bilingual Rising Readers features leveled fiction and nonfiction titles, including Science, Math, Social Studies, and Fiction.

The books are also available in precisely leveled English editions.

There is helpful teacher and parent support in Spanish on both the inside front and back covers, and Teaching Cards ensure that students get the most out of every title.

What are the features and benefits of
Spanish Rising Readers Books?

F: Each title has a matching Rising Readers Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM.

B: Use the whiteboard CD-ROM during while-group instruction and the books to reinforce literacy support during small-group instruction.

F: Precise and consistent leveling.

B: The right amount of support and challenge for emergent readers to succeed and grow.

F: Dramatic, full-color photographs.

B: Directly support concepts, stimulate oral language development, and engage and motivate children.

F: Concepts based on curriculum standards.

B: Integrate literacy development with content-area studies.

F: Vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension focus.

B: Supports essential reading skills development.

F: Step-by-step prompts for reading with young children.

B: Support parents and teachers working with children before, during, and after they read.

F: Direct picture/text match.

B: Supports comprehension and the development of early reading strategies.

F: Recurring characters (fiction only).

B: Build on children’s prior knowledge and keep them motivated.

F: Predictable language structures.

B: Model for readers still learning to decode.

F: Controlled use of sight words.

B: Builds sight word knowledge and fluency.

F: After-reading activities.

B: Give children opportunities to make personal connections, demonstrate comprehension, and connect reading and writing.

F: 16-page books at $3.99 each

B: A great value for teachers on a budget!

F: 7 5/8” x 6 1/2” trim.

B: Easy for young readers to hold.

Why are leveled books the best way to teach kids to read?

Even though they’re in the same grade, not all children read at the same level. The most effective way to help children build reading skills is to provide them with high-interest books at their instructional level. In this way, students can increase their fluency and comprehension step by step. For struggling readers, leveled books allow them to concentrate on comprehension rather than experience difficulty with unknown words.

AAPreK Readers
  • Rebus support for all academic vocabulary
  • No sentences with line breaks
  • One language structure per book
A-CPreK-K Readers
  • No sentences with line breaks
  • Direct photo/picture support
  • Predictable language structures
D-EK-1 Readers
  • Developmental print placement
  • Direct photo/picture support
  • High-frequency word at the beginning of every line
F-IGrade 1 Readers
  • Varied print placement
  • High photo/picture support
  • Chapter divisions, captions, and labels

How does Rising Readers Support Common Core State Standards?

Steadily increasing complexity is required by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Rising Readers supports key Common Core Reading Standards for Literature, Informational Text, and Foundational Skills.

What’s included with the books?

Each book features teacher/parent tips in Spanish. The inside front cover lists content-area standards and vocabulary. Also included are parent/teacher prompts for new readers. The inside back cover provides sight word practice games and extension activities.

The customized Teaching Card is loaded with tips and techniques on building vocabulary and comprehension strategies.

Standards-based topics included in every book!

Rising Readers supports Common Core State Standards in Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Each book targets specific vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension skills and builds sight word and academic vocabulary.

Science Math
Physical Science Numbers and Operations
Earth Science Measurement
Life Science Algebra
My Body Math in the Real World
Social Studies Fiction
Maps Nursery Songs and Stories
Citizenship Animal Adventures
Geography, Families & More  

All the comprehension skills that student need!

Spanish/Bilingual Rising Readers fiction and nonfiction resources build all the comprehension skills students need:

  • Compare & Contrast
  • Identify Main Idea & Supporting Details
  • Identify Cause & Effect
  • Identify Sequence of Events
  • Analyze Story Elements
  • Evaluate Author’s Purpose (Levels G-I only)
  • Make Inferences
  • Make Predictions
  • Summarize
  • Draw Conclusions
  • Analyze Character
  • Analyze Text Structure and Organization (Levels G-I only)

Each Teacher’s Guide includes:

  • Vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension skills
  • Language and comprehension extension activities

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Pricing Information

Rising Readers titles are available in both in Spanish and English and come in different purchase options such as:

  • 6-pack book sets (6 copies of one title)
  • Single-copy book sets (1 copy of several titles)
  • Individual CD-ROMs
  • Individual books
  • Online subscriptions

Choose from complete collections or individual collections below:

Content 6-Pack Sets
  • 72 Books (6 copies of 12 titles)
  • 12 Teaching Cards
Science Volume 1 Set (Levels A-D)
Spanish WS-NS0409 $299.28
English WS-NS0041 $263.28
Science Volume 2 Set (Levels E-I)
Spanish WS-NS0410 $299.28
English WS-NS0042 $263.28
Math Volume 1 Set (Levels A-D)
Spanish WS-NS0411 $299.28
English WS-NS0043 $263.28
Math Volume 2 Set (Levels D-I)
Spanish WS-NS0412 $299.28
English WS-NS0044 $263.28
Social Studies Volume 1 Set (Levels A-D)
Spanish WS-NS0413 $299.28
English WS-NS0045 $263.28
Social Studies Volume 2 Set (Levels D-I)
Spanish WS-NS0414 $299.28
English WS-NS0046 $263.28
Fiction – Animal Adventures (Levels A-E)
Spanish WS-NS0415 $299.28
English WS-NS0047 $263.28
Fiction – Nursery Rhyme Tales (Levels A-I)
Spanish WS-NS0416 $299.28
English WS-NS0048 $263.28
Spanish Single-Copy Sets (1 copy of 12 titles)
Science Volume 1 WS-NL1990 $47.88
Science Volume 2 WS-NL1991 $47.88
Math Volume 1 WS-NL1992 $47.88
Math Volume 2 WS-NL1993 $47.88
Social Studies Volume 1 WS-NL1994 $47.88
Social Studies Volume 2 WS-NL1995 $47.88
Fiction – Animal Adventures WS-NL1996 $47.88
Fiction – Nursery Rhyme Tales WS-NL1997 $47.88